Progressive Life Insurance Quotes, Reviews and Terms

Life insurance should often be a key consideration when mapping out both your short- and long-term financial goals. But when you choose a life insurance policy, you should not select a life insurance without verification, just like any other important planning concept. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, you have to ensure that you are going to purchase the policy from a secure and financially stable insurance company. In this case, you can select Progressive Life Insurance Company which has a good, positive reputation for paying out its claims promptly.

progressive life insurance

About progressive life insurance

Progressive life insurance was formed in 1937. Progressive life insurance has been providing insurance coverage for approximately 80 years.

There are three main highlights of Progressive Life Insurance. Such as

  • Highly-rated provider
  • Life insurance goes through eFinancial
  • Excellent customer service

The most important subject that Progressive doesn’t offer its own life insurance, but rather offers it through eFinancial. That means, Progressive Life Insurance is actually more truthfully eFinancial life insurance.

Progressive Life Insurance products:

Their most popular life insurance options, offered through eFinancial, include:

  • Whole life insurance
  • Term life insurance

Progressive term life insurance

Term life insurance has become the most popular in the United States. It offers great amounts of customization, it boasts the best coverage of any type of life insurance policy on the market. Term life insurance does not always exist, only available when the needs of consumers have changed over time.

Everyone has different needs for life insurance. Progressive term life insurance can solve specific needs when compared to other kinds of life insurance.

There are a few of the most basic attributes of Progressive term life insurance:

  • Level Death Benefit
  • Level Premiums
  • Temporary Duration
  • No Cash Value
  • Rider Availability
  • Conversion Opportunities

Term doesn’t apply to every situation, because of these attributes. If you have a reason to access cash later in policy years, or If you want to secure permanent life insurance, a term product is not the right solution for you.

Progressive whole life insurance

Compared to term life, Whole life operates, more or less, the opposite way. Progressive whole life insurance does not end at any age. In this coverage, the amount of death benefits comparatively higher.

Features of Progressive whole life insurance

  • Policy lasts for entire of your lifetime
  • This Coverage is best for ages 50-85
  • Policy does build cash value
  • Medical exam is required to start a policy
  • Policy does build cash value
  • Coverage amounts range from $50,000-$1million+

Progressive life insurance reviews:

Progressive Life Insurance does not provide life insurance directly, it directs you to Efinancial. A brokerage can provide you quotes from multiple life insurance companies. The broker at Efinancial will assists you secure the policy. But later you can directly deal with the insurance company you have chosen. Efinancial will assist with policy-related issues. Progressive life insurance makes it easy to get a quote online. If you don’t sure that which policy is best for you, you can contact Progressive, its agents will assists you determine what kind of policy is best for your needs

Life insurance progressive for senior supplemental health:

Progressive Life Insurance Company provides senior supplemental health and life insurance products in the United States. One of the offers of Progressive Life Insurance is Medicare Supplement which covers deductibles, copayments and outpatient expenses. Another offer of the company is Senior Whole Life which gives coverage funeral and burial expenses. It also covers for recovery from surgery, acute illness and short-term injury as well as recuperative care. Progressive Life Insurance also offers seniors dental coverage which covers the expenses of recovery of dental-related disease.

Progressive life insurance quotes

By following some tips, you can get cheap Progressive life insurance quotes:

You should submit your medical history to Progressive life insurance honestly. Because the company will inquire your health and will check with your doctor.

If you take two separate life insurance policies for couples, each policy will pay out for each death and you have to pay double. But if you take joint policies, it pay for the first death and you have to pay lower amount.

If you are a Non-smoker, you will pay less for life insurance than smokers. So smokers can save money by giving up smoking.

You should choose the right policy and right amount of cover and you should avoid to pay for cover that you don’t need. As a result, you can get cheap life insurance quotes progressive.

Progressive life insurance phone number and address:

6 International Drive

Rye Brook, NY 10573-1068

United States

Founded in 1945

Phone:  800-332-3377

Fax:  914-934-1988

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