Nj skylands auto insurance

If you live in New Jersey or it’s surrounding areas, this article is important to find the right Nj Skylands auto insurance. You may know that In New Jersey, every driver must have an insurance policy. There are different auto insurance companies in New Jersey, such as Geico, Allstate, NJM Insurance, Progressive Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Plymouth Rock Assurance, Skylands auto Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) etc. Skylands auto insurance is one of the best auto insurance company in New Jersey.

nj skylands auto insurance

New Jersey Skylands auto insurance is a one of the largest and remarkable auto insurance company, a full-service property-casualty insurance company.

Features of NJ Skylands auto insurance :

  •  Provides Cheapest sample auto insurance premiums in New Jersey
  • Offers diversified policy of different benefits for policyholders
  • Local independent agents in NJ
  • Policies limited to drivers in New Jersey

Nj Skylands auto insurance works in membership approach. Members can choose to expand their protection with two packages of enhancements: for savings, and/or for expanded limits. They (Policyholders) can get additional savings on their collision deductibles, being safe drivers, and accident waivers in their Auto Security Rewards program. NJ Skylands extends coverage to a broader array of features as their Auto Security Bonus.

They offer for their customers to two different coverage.

  1. Basic coverage
  2. Standard coverage.

In basic coverage, a driver needs in order to legally operate a motor vehicle within the state of New Jersey:

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection

In standard coverage, following options are offered :

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Collision
  • Medical Payments
  • Comprehensive
  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Besides this, they have also Auto Security Rewards and Auto Security Bonus. In Auto Security Rewards following exclusive packages are available :

  • Collision Deductible Savings
  • Safe Driver Bonus
  • Unlimited Accident Waiver

And in Auto Security Bonus following packages are available :

  • Loan/Lease
  • Increased Limits for Transportation Expenses
  •  For first three years Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts for a model
  •  Travel Expense
  • Reward for Auto Theft Conviction
  • Accidental Air Bag Deployment

nj skylands auto insurance

Why Insure with New Jersey Skylands Insurance :

Nj Skylands auto insurance has world-class services, comprehensive products and special benefit which ensure their commitment. Each New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association member has tremendous experience with their insurance company.

They have some special offers : 

  1.  Fair and convenient claims resolution
  2. Partnership with local professionals who work and live in your community
  3.  Customized insurance protection to fit your needs
  4. Membership benefits that range from financial tools to identity management services and travel assistance

NJ Skylands insurance agents:

New Jersey Skylands Insurance completes insurance related works through selected local independent agents. These local independent agents provide advice and help to take insurance procedure. It likes to work with local agents because –

  1. The local agency system is best practice to provide products to the customer.
  2. Independent agents work side by side with the customer.
  3. Local agents make a very effective bridge between the customer and NJ Skylands Insurance.
  4. They are able to response customer’s questions, coverage changes, claim or any need of the customers.
    They’re able to help the customers to make the best decisions.
  5. They make lifetime working relationship with the customers.

 Claims Service:

  • Contact with your NJ Skylands agent
  • Phone to NJ Skylands 24-hour claims service centre at (866) 279-7688

 Claims Service centre will help you in following manner : 

  • Questions about an existing claim
  • Auto glass replacement or repair
  • Identity theft resolution
  • Reporting a suspicious claim

Benefits of NJ Skylands auto insurance members:

Members can get exclusive benefits on the road.

Roadside Assistance :
NJ Skylands provides services for their members such as tire change; fuel delivery; key retrieval under Skylands’ Roadside Assistance Program for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Deductible Waiver due to Windshield Repair:
If your damaged windshield is possible to repair rather than replaced, they have to put away your deductible. As a result, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Collision Deductible Waiver
If you fall in an accident with another New Jersey Skylands Insurance member NJ Skylands auto insurance will waive your deductible. Skylands will also waive your collision deductible. If your car is hit by another vehicle while legally parked or hit in the backside by another vehicle moving in the same direction.

Nj Skylands auto insurance phone number :

For report a claim :
Phone :  866-279-7688
Fax :  877-849-9022

Direct Bill Customer Service Center : 
Phone  :  888-855-4622
Fax       :  877-849-9022
E-Mail :  [email protected]

Underwriting, Processing &Customer Service Center
Phone  :  888-855-4622
Fax       : 877-849-9022
E-Mail :  [email protected]

Agency Licensing Services
Phone  :  888-855-4622
Fax       : 877-849-9022
E-Mail : [email protected]

Technical Assistance
Phone  : 888-855-4622
E-Mail  : [email protected]

Executive Contact
Phone :  617-729-4108

Nj Skylands auto insurance is a part of New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association which is focused exclusively on New Jersey as a full-service property-casualty insurance company. They are special for providing innovative products and value-added services. So New Jersey dwellers should visit before taking any insurance policy.

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