Motorcycle insurance cost for 18 year old

Motorbike insurance cost may be changed by age and riding experience.
Motorcycle insurance cost for 18 year old may be very expensive. Usually, maximum accidents occur between the first two months and three years of riding. Most insurance companies want to insure at a high rate for 18-year-old. But you are in 18 years old; you should ensure that you don’t pay too much. By following different tips and tricks Motorcycle insurance cost for 18 years old may be reduced.

Motorcycle insurance cost for 18 year old:

Motorcycle insurance cost for 18-year-old almost 75% more than the 30-year-old for the same bike.Here age plays a vital role for optimising the premium. For example, in case`of a new Ninja ZX-10R ABS the difference in premium between the 18 year old and the 30 year old might come to around $500 a year. Besides this, many other factors can influence the cost.

Motorcycle insurance cost for 18 year old riders depends on a multitude of factors, such as make and model of bike, your location, driving record, and state laws etc. You should seek the right insurer, policy, and coverage amount with compare your options.

There are some ways and method of reducing the cost of motorcycle insurance for 18 year olds.

motorcycle insurance cost for 18 year old

Completion of MSF Course:

You can reduce your insurance rates by completing a 2-day Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Every insurance company offers a discount for completing an MSF find MSF course in your area.

Do Well in School:

It is extraordinary that if you have a good grade in school, your cost of insuring a motorcycle will be reduced. Parents may use this as an incentive for high school kids who want a bike. So by achieving a certain GPA and get a Good Student insurance discount so that your insurance cost is affordable.

Avoid to trouble:

Try to maintain a clean driving record for staying out of trouble with the law and enjoy affordable motorcycle insurance. Because any speeding of your bike or traffic violation can have a substantial impact on your rates. As a result, Motorcycle insurance companies may penalize young riders for such offences. That is why you can qualify for a Good Student insurance discount by achieving a certain GPA and your insurance cost will be affordable.

Increase Deductible:

The bigger the deductible, the less your insurance rates. But it is dependent on the type of coverage that you have. However, you will need to have enough money saved up to cover your deductible so that you will not be caught flat-footed in the case of an accident.


In many states, it is enough to you to take a basic liability policy. If you have a low cost ordinary bike and do not want to pay more money for comprehensive and collision coverage, you can choose the basic liability insurance. This may be outstandingly cheaper than getting full coverage.

This may be outstandingly cheaper than getting full coverage.
According to statistics, young riders aged around 18-24-year-old are more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident. It true that maximum riders of 18- 24 years old are involved in motorcycle accidents within two years of passing their driving test. So Motorcycle insurance cost for 18 years old is high compared with other aged riders. But a young rider can reduce his/her motorcycle insurance cost by following above-mentioned ways.

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