Mesothelioma Law Firm

Sokolove Law is a well-known mesothelioma law firm that has offices and lawyers in almost every state. Our goal is to help people with mesothelioma and their families and get them the most money possible.

A mesothelioma law firm helps people who got sick after being exposed to asbestos. The best firms have worked on asbestos law and mesothelioma cases for a long time. They can file lawsuits and other claims to help victims get the money they deserve.

What Is a Mesothelioma Law Firm?

Mesothelioma law firms handle lawsuits about asbestos. They handle lawsuits for personal injury, wrongful death, and trust fund claims for people with mesothelioma and their families.

The best mesothelioma law firms in the country have helped people who may have been exposed to asbestos for many years. Teams of specialized lawyers know how to get the most money to pay for personalized cancer treatment and other costs.

Choosing an Asbestos Law Firm

It is important to find a law firm that can help you with your mesothelioma case. Your lawyers should give you confidence that you’re going after the best way to get paid. You should choose a law firm that specializes in asbestos cases for more than one reason.

Choosing an Asbestos Law Firm

Lawyers Who Understand Mesothelioma and Asbestos

Asbestos law firms know a lot about the different kinds of diseases caused by asbestos and how they affect both the patient and the legal process. They know what you and your family are going through and how treatment might affect your ability to go to court.

Record of track

You should look into an asbestos lawyer’s past to make sure you get the best lawsuit. This is very important because most lawsuits about asbestos are settled out of court. But you could be in trouble if your asbestos lawyer doesn’t win in court. Your lawyer should be ready for court and have all the evidence and witnesses ready to go. Find out how much they charge and if they offer contingency fees.


A mesothelioma lawyer can help you get full payment for the illness, which is caused by asbestos. To figure out how much you are entitled to, it is important to talk about your work history and your time in the military. After finding any companies that used asbestos, the lawyer will figure out who is to blame for the diagnosis.

Federal law says that companies that deal with asbestos must set up trust funds. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with seattle mesothelioma case, these companies may be able to give you money.

A Lawyer That Makes You Feel Comfortable

Mesothelioma law firms are sympathetic to the challenges of long distance travel faced by their clients. A countrywide organization has more availability in terms of travel to your location or virtual meetings, regardless of where you are located.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Near Me

State laws on asbestos litigation are different, and many of the best mesothelioma law firms are licensed to work in more than one state. To win a case in any jurisdiction, you must know the local laws about asbestos and the state statutes of limitations.

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
Mesothelioma Lawyers Near Me

Common Questions About Hiring a Mesothelioma Law Firm

How do you know if a mesothelioma law firm is reputable?

  • Websites for bar associations: Each state has a website for its bar association, where you can find profiles of licensed lawyers. On the profile, it will say if a person is currently licensed to practice and if they have ever been disciplined.
  • Website of a law firm: Checking a law firm’s website for information about its quality and any awards or certifications is another good way to check out a lawyer.
  • Sites that don’t belong to us: There are also sites like Best Lawyers® and Super Lawyers® that rate lawyers from the outside. These can give you a good idea of how qualified a mesothelioma lawyer is.
  • Search Google: With a quick Google search, you can find news about a company that may not be in other places.

Can a family member hire an asbestos law firm for an asbestos case?

In a personal injury case, the person who was hurt has to hire an asbestos law firm. If the person who was hurt has already died, a family member can hire an asbestos law firm to file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. A victim’s family may also be able to file a claim with an asbestos trust fund, with the VA, or with workers’ compensation. A law firm that specializes in asbestos can help victims and their families understand their options for getting money.

How long do I have to hire a mesothelioma law firm?

State laws set different limits on how long you have to file a mesothelioma case. These limits are called statutes of limitations. Personal injury claims usually have to be filed between 12 and 36 months after a mesothelioma diagnosis. Most of the time, the time for making a claim for wrongful death starts when it is decided that a patient’s death was caused by an asbestos disease. Please make sure you talk to an attorney who specializes in your type of claim to get specific information about the statute of limitations that applies.

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