List of all car insurance companies in Australia

Car Insurance provides financial protection in the case of vehicle damage, injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians, and their property. There are a lot of car insurance companies in Australia. Here a list of car insurance companies in Australia has been shown for Australian so that they can choose their favourite car insurance company.

car insurance companies australia

In Australia different car insurance companies provides financial benefits for following events

  1. If you fall in an accident or your car is stolen, car insurance will provide money for treatment or compensation.
  2. If you or any passengers get insured by an accident through your car, treatment cost may be extremely expensive in this case car insurance companies will bear the expenses.
  3. You are responsible, if your car injure to others or damage others property. In this case car insurance companies will provide assistance.

List of Australian Car Insurance Companies

  1. ANZ Car Insurance
  2. AAMI
  3. Allianz Car Insurance
  4. Beep Car Insurance
  5. BudgetDirect
  6. CGU
  7. Coles Car Insurance
  8. GE Money
  9. iSelect Car Insurance
  10. Just Car Insurance
  11. HBF
  12. RAC
  13. RAA Insurance Limited
  14. RACT
  15. Shannons Car Insurance
  16. NRMA
  17. APIA
  18. Bingle Car Insurance
  19. Buzz Car Insurance
  20. Commonwealth Insurance Limited
  21. GIO
  22. One Path (ING)
  23. Pay As You Drive Car Insurance
  24. Progressive Car Insurance
  25. Real Car Insurance
  26. SGIO
  27. RACQ
  28. RACV
  29. Virgin Money Car Insurance

Here described some important car insurance companies from the list of car insurance companies in Australia.

ANZ Car Insurance:

ANZ car insurance is inseparable part of ANZ insurance company. ANZ car insurance provides quality policies and products for drivers of all ages. The average cost for an ANZ policy is comparatively cheaper than any other Australian car insurance company.

AAMI Car insurance:

AMI Car Insurance is a part of insurance and mechanical company. The AMI is one on the leading car insurance companies in Australia, AMI Car Insurance provides high quality policies and products for drivers of all ages. They provide excellent insurance products at reasonable costs that are affordable of Australian drivers. AAMI is one of the popular car insurance company in Australia. AAMI has been working consistently in the Australian market since early of 1990s. It has popularity in the car insurance industry.

Allianz Car Insurance

Allianz deals with car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance ,boat and marine insurance, aircraft insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, business insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Allianz Car Insurance started in 1914 as Mutual Accident Insurance Association. More than 3,800 employees work in Allianz. Hundreds of thousands of drivers depend on Allianz with confidence.  They have More than 3 million customers across drivers, travellers, home owners, and business owners.

Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive Car Insurance Company uses the latest car insurance methods and also help bring down the cost of your car insurance through online technologies. Their 100% online car insurance model means a customer can quote, buy, manage your policy and even report a claim online. So there is no paperwork and confusion and with lower overheads, they are capable of offering their customers lower annual premiums.

That means 100% online car insurance premiums, elimination discounts = Big savings!

If you get a Progressive online car insurance quote, you will automatically get discounts. So the less you pay in premiums, the lower your risk.

NRMA Insurance : 

NRMA insurance deals with motorcycle insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, business insurance,  boat insurance, caravan insurance, life insurance. NRMA insurance is part of Australia Group Insurance.

NRMA Insurance provides options to obtain a car insurance quote to suit customer’s needs and budget. They offer online car insurance quotes for Third Party Property Damage and Third Party Fire and Theft right through to Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Get NRMA Car Insurance quote today:

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance
  2. CTP Green slip
  3. Third Party Property Damage Insurance
  4. Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Insurance
  5. Transport Accident Insurance – call us on 132 132


GIO Australia is started as the Government Insurance Office in 1927.

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act of 1926, the Government Insurance Act of New South Wales set up GIO to provide workers’ compensation insurance. GIO has been helping generations of customers since 1927 and they feel better protected in the uncertainties of life with trusted insurance products.

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