Largest Health Insurance Companies in The US

Good health is desirable for all. Everyone expect good health. Sound health is the origin of human happiness and well-being. Health also plays a vital role in a person’s economic development. Healthy populations can develop a lot for the country and their families. They live long and also be happy. Sound health provides relief from all the sickness and diseases. so to maintain good health, health care is very much essential for all Largest Health Insurance Companies.

Nowadays the prevalence of diseases is increasing day by day. But the prices of healthcare in the US are constantly increasing. It is fact that health risks and uncertainties are a part of life. So everybody should be prepared or the financial aspect to combat the undesirable condition. For that reason Health insurance has become essential for everyone. Health insurance provides financial backup during medical emergencies.

 Largest Health Insurance Companies provide coverage only for health-related serves during the medical necessity. Medical necessity includes treatment, test and all kind of expenditure of hospital facilities. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, there were 5,954 insurance companies in the U.S. till December 2018. Among them 852 life insurance companies, 907 health insurance companies and the rest of them, auto, motorcycle insurance etc.

Largest health insurance companies in the US

According to the number of membership and revenue, there are numerous largest health insurance companies in the U.S compared to other countries. The largest health insurance companies in the U.S. include United Healthcare Group, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Humana. According to the statistics report at the end of 2018, the top largest health insurance company in the U.S is United Healthcare, which has approximately 49.5 million members. The second largest health insurance company in the U.S is Anthem which has just over 40 million members.

United Health Care Group

UnitedHealth Group is an American health insurance company. It provides health care products and insurance services. It is the largest healthcare company not only in the USA but also in the world. As per 2018, their revenue is $226.2 billion and customers are 115 million. United Healthcare provides health insurance to protect your family according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines.

United healthcare plans

United Health care offers different plans which provide health care coverage. Beside this United Health care provides dental and other insurance coverages for individuals and families. They also have group coverage options. United Health care also has an insurance plans for companies of all sizes. United Healthcare also has Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplement insurance plans and Medicare prescription drug plans.

United healthcare cost

The average health insurance cost of United healthcare is $440 per month for single coverage premiums and $1,168 per month for family coverage.

United healthcare headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States

CEO: David S. Wichmann (Sep 1, 2017– till date )

Revenue: 226.2 billion USD (2018)

Anthem  insurance

Anthem insurance is a health insurance provider in the United States. It the largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. In 2018 Anthem insurance is ranked 33rd on the Fortune 500. The company has almost 40 million members.

Anthem insurance plans:

Anthem insurance provides health, dental, vision and term life insurance for individuals and the whole family.

Anthem health insurance cost:

Anthem health insurance offers a plan for non-smoker 27 years old person which cost is  $54 per month. They also have another insurance plan which cost is $102 per month that offers better coverage.

Anthem Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Number of employees: ~63,900 (December 2018)

CEO: Gail Koziara Boudreaux (Nov 20, 2017 to till date)

Aetna insurance

Aetna insurance is an American health care insurance company. They provide conventional and health care insurance and as like as the same services such as medical, dental, behavioural health, pharmaceutical, disability plans and long-term care etc. This company has been a subsidiary of CVS Health since November 28, 2018.

Aetna insurance company has 22.1 million medical members, 13.1 million pharmacy benefit management services members, 12.7 million dental members, over 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists, over 5,700 hospitals and 1,200,000 health-care professionals.

Aetna health insurance plans

  • Population health
  • Group plans
  • Family plans
  • Individual plans
  • Expat plans

Aetna insurance cost

As per 2018, the average health insurance cost for single coverage premiums is $440 per month and  For family coverage, the cost for premiums is $1,168 per month.

Aetna Headquarters: Hartford, Connecticut, United States


Cigna is an American organization of health services. Cigna is a global health service company which work with insurance,  Medicare plans to individuals, families, and businesses. Cigna has a partnership with Intergovernmental (IGO) and Nongovernmental (NGO) clients.

Cigna insurance: Cigna insurance is part of Cigna which provides health, pharmacy, dental, supplemental insurance. Cigna insurance is a typical insurance provider. Cigna insurance provides tailored health insurance and employee benefits programs for IGOs, NGOs, international businesses and their globally mobile employees.

Cigna headquarters: Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States

Cigna CEO: David Cordani (Dec 25, 2009– continued)

Cigna Revenue: 41.62 billion USD

Cigna health benefits:

Cigna provides three-level of health benefit. These are Cigna Silver Plan, Cigna Gold Plan, Cigna Platinum Plan. Cigna all policies hold medical, inpatient, day case surgery, accommodation costs and cancer and psychiatric care.  However, every plan has some unique features.

Cigna Silver Plan
  • Overall annual benefit—$1,000,000
  • Private room
  • Inpatient, Day patient & accommodation cost—paid in full for a semi-
  • Psychiatric cover – $5,000
  • Total cover for cancer
  • Routine maternity cover—not covered
Cigna Gold Plan
  • Overall annual benefit—$2,000,000
  • Inpatient, Day patient & accommodation costs—paid in full for a private room
  • Psychiatric cover—$10,000
  • Total cover for cancer
  • Routine maternity cover—$7,000
Cigna Platinum Plan
  • Overall annual benefit—Unlimited!
  • Inpatient, Day patient & accommodation costs—paid in full for a private room
  • Psychiatric cover – Paid in full
  • Total cover for cancer
  • Routine maternity cover—$14,000
Cigna contact:

Mailing Address

Cigna Corporate Headquarters

900 Cottage Grove Road

Bloomfield, CT 06002

Phone Number

Customer Service

1 (800) 997-1654

24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Humana is a for-profit American health insurance company. It is one of the best health insurance providers because it has a good number of option plan, cheap prices and strong wellness programs that encourage a lifetime of health.   It has more than 15 million customers in the U.S. and as per 2018; its revenue is US$ 56.91 billion and employees 41,600.

Humana customer service

Humana is the best for plans, products, and services provide. Humana Inc. has many subsidiaries and affiliate companies. These companies provide service of business work for all types of consumers.

Humana customer service mailing address:

P.O. Box 14601 Lexington KY 40512-4601.

Humana customer service Phone: toll-free at 1-800-833-6917

Humana revenue: 56.91 billion USD

Humana headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Humana employees: 41600

Centene corporation:

Centene Corporation is an American large publicly-traded company and multi-line managed care enterprise. It provides service as a major intermediary for both government-sponsored and privately insured health care programs. Centene Corporation is a healthcare company. However The Company operates through two segments: Managed Care and Specialty Services. Centene is the largest organization in the U.S.for Medicaid managed. It is a pioneer insurer in the nation on the Health Insurance Marketplace for managing long-term services and supports. Moreover, It has 30 years of experience operating government-sponsored healthcare programs.

Number of employees: 33,700 (December 2017)

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Revenue: 60.12 billion USD (2018)

CEO: Michael F. Neidorff  (May 1996– Continued)

Centene subsidiaries:

Centene is always devoted and faithful for helping people live healthier lives. Centene provides high-quality healthcare, ingenious programs and wide range solution of health which keep safe individuals and families. Centene has Subsidiary companies, these are

  • Fidelis Care
  • Health Net
  • NH Healthy Families
  • PA Health & Wellness
  • Sunshine Health
  • Superior Health Plan

Molina healthcare:

Molina Healthcare is an American managed care company. The company works with health insurance for individuals through government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The healthcare organization Molina is providing services to nearly 5 million people.

Molina Healthcare offers Medicaid plans in Florida, Michigan, Illinois,  New York, California, Washington, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas, Mississippi, Ohio, Utah and South Carolina.

Molina healthcare headquarters: Long Beach, California, United States.

Molina healthcare revenue: 16.3 billion USD

Number of employees: 20,000 ( Till: December 2017)

CEOJoseph M. Zubretsky

Wellcare health plans:

WellCare Health Plans is an American health insurance company. It was established in 1985. WellCare Health Plans provides different policies such as Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. In the United States, Largest Health Insurance Companies they have more than 4.4 million members. WellCare Health Plans provide insurance policies with excellent medical services coverage and benefit programs for seniors, families, and individuals.

Wellcare health plans revenue: 17.01 billion USD

Wellcare health plans headquarters: Tampa, Florida, United States

Wellcare health plans employees: 8,900 ( Till: December 2017)

Above mention companies are largest health insurance companies in the US. These companies have been working in the United States for a long time with great reputations. If you are American residence you can take insurance plan from any insurance company from the list of largest health insurance companies in the US.

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