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15 Legit Ways How To Get Free Money Now Online

Nowadays, there are various Legit Ways How To Get Free Money Now Online. However, it’s important to note that earning money for free doesn’t mean that you can just click a button and money will fall from the sky. In this article, we will define “free” as requiring minimal time (a few minutes), effort, and skill.

We will also mention a few ideas that may require more work at the end of the article. If you’re looking for legitimate ways to quickly earn extra money to help you reach a specific goal, such as paying off debt, then this article will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

How To Get Free Money Now Online

If you’re looking to make some extra cash online, there are a few options available that can help you earn free money quickly and easily. Some popular ways to make money online include taking online surveys, signing up for cash-back programs, participating in paid focus groups, testing websites and apps, and even selling items you no longer need on online marketplaces.

Another option is to join online reward programs where you can earn points for completing various tasks and then redeem those points for cash or gift cards. While earning free money online may not make you rich, it can provide some much-needed extra income or help you reach your financial goals faster.

Top Five Free Money Offers Right Now

Making money is not always easy. Some websites can take a long time to pay you, and other offers require too much effort for the reward they offer. But don’t worry, we’ve made a list of the top five ways to get free money that are legit and don’t require too much time or effort.

We’ve personally checked and verified these sites and apps, so you can trust them. The compensation they provide is reasonable, and you won’t have to work too hard or spend too much time to earn it.

1. Free Stock Shares

There are many stock trading apps available these days. Some of them give you free stock shares or even free Bitcoin when you sign up. You might not get shares worth a lot of money, usually, they’re worth less than $20.

But sometimes you might get lucky and receive a high-value stock that could be worth up to $3,000. Signing up is usually quick, simple and free, which means you can easily earn some extra money. You can sell your shares and withdraw the money after just a few days.

2. Swagbucks Money Makers

Swagbucks offers you different ways to earn money quickly, such as taking surveys, shopping with cash-back, and watching videos. This site is operated by a legitimate marketing and research company and is a great option for earning money by doing simple tasks.

The quickest and best way to earn money on Swagbucks is by using its “money makers.” These are special offers such as product trials and account bonuses, where you invest a certain amount of money upfront and then earn more in rewards than what you paid.

To learn more about these money makers and how they work, you can read our article on the best Swagbucks hacks. In that article, we tested the site and completed several offers, and we provide a quick rundown of some of them.

You can earn some extra money by opening different types of bank accounts or signing up for free trials.

North One Bank: You can earn $150 by opening a business checking account and depositing $50.

Aspiration Bank: You can earn $35 by opening a checking account and depositing $25.

Stash: You can earn $30 by opening a micro-investing account and depositing $5.

Rocket Money: You can earn $15 by linking a bank account and signing up for their seven-day free trial.

We could take out the money we put in the new account in a few days, in every situation mentioned earlier. This way, we got $220 for free, and it only took us about an hour to do.

To learn more about other ways to make money with Swagbucks, you can read our detailed review on the platform.

3. Website Signup Bonuses

Did you know that there are some websites that will pay you for simply signing up? These websites usually offer cash-back apps, survey sites, and portals, with signup bonuses ranging from $5 to $25. We have compiled a list of the latest and best offers for you to check out.

Just remember that some of these sites have a minimum withdrawal amount, so you may need to earn more money before you can cash out your bonus. Keep this in mind and happy signing up!

4. Coupon And Rebate Apps

Saving money has never been easier! With just a few taps on your phone, you can earn cash back using coupon and rebate apps. The best part? You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to get rewarded.

To maximize your savings, you can even use multiple apps at once. For example, Ibotta and Fetch are two great apps that will pay you for scanning your grocery receipts. By using both apps, you can earn twice the rewards for doing the same amount of work.

Some stores even allow you to use in-store coupons or sales in addition to manufacturer’s coupons. This means you can stack multiple discounts for even bigger savings. Keep in mind that grocery stores and big-box stores tend to offer the best deals through these apps and coupons.

5. Price-Drop Refunds

Did you ever buy something online, but then see it sold for less the next week? Well, now you can easily get your money back with Capital One Shopping!

Here’s how it works: Capital One Shopping keeps an eye on your order confirmation and shipping emails for your online purchases. If the price on something you just bought goes down, the service contacts the seller and gets you a refund for the difference. This service is completely free and often requires no effort from you.

Capital One Shopping can track purchases from over 25 popular retailers. The refunded money goes back to the credit card or payment method you used for your purchase.

In addition to price drop refunds, Capital One Shopping also offers other helpful money-saving tools. For instance, you can earn rewards for shopping and easily apply coupon codes at checkout with just a click. And you don’t even need to have a Capital One account to sign up. Check out our Capital One Shopping review to learn more!

The Best Ways How To Get Free Money

The choices mentioned earlier are quick and effortless ways to receive free money at present. However, there are more profitable options listed below that may require some time and effort from you.

1. Max Out Your Retirement Account Match

Did you know that many employers offer to match your retirement savings? That means for every dollar you put into your 401(k) or similar account, your employer will also contribute a dollar, up to a certain percentage of your salary.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, and it’s surprising how many people don’t take advantage of it. When you contribute up to the maximum employer match, you are essentially doubling your money, and there’s no risk involved. No other investment product can offer that level of certainty.

In fact, it’s basically like getting free money – the only thing that could beat it is winning the lottery or inheriting a lump sum of cash. Unfortunately, many people miss out on this opportunity. A study from 2015 found that Americans collectively lose out on over $20 billion every year by not signing up for their employer’s 401(k) match, which works out to be around $1,300 per person each year.

So if you want to take advantage of this extra money, just check with your HR department to see if your employer offers retirement account matching. And if you’re in the process of negotiating your salary for a new job, be sure to ask about 401(k) or retirement matching as well. It’s definitely worth taking advantage of!

2. Find Unclaimed Money

Did you forget to collect your last paycheck from your high school summer job or leave some money in a closed checking account? Don’t worry, you may be able to get it back! There are websites that can help you track down your unclaimed property and return it to you.

It’s actually pretty common to have unclaimed money. One of our team members tried this and found money for himself, his wife, his parents, and even some relatives. He found things like old paychecks and reimbursements for overpaid health insurance.

To search for unclaimed money, all you need is a name (and ideally a city), but you’ll need some documentation (like an ID) to actually claim it. Most claims are for less than $50, but there are some that are $100 or more. You might even find an old bank account or pension that you forgot about. In our experiment, we found a refund from an insurance company for $150.

Here are three websites that belong to the government or are affiliated with the government:

Looking for lost money or missing payments? Start your search at the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Their site has links to the official websites of all 50 states, where you can search for old refunds from insurance premiums, memberships, bank accounts, and more.

If you’re missing wages due to a labor dispute with your employer, you won’t find it on the above website. Instead, check out the U.S. Department of Labor website. Any unpaid wages are held for three years before being sent to the U.S. Treasury.

Did your former employer have a pension plan that is now lost? The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) insures pension plans in case the company fails. Visit the PBGC website to track down any missing payments you may be entitled to.

3. Get Credit Card And Bank Account Bonuses

Earning cash through credit card or bank account bonuses requires more effort, but it can be a fast way to get a significant amount of money. By signing up for certain credit cards, checking accounts, or investment accounts, you can receive bonuses ranging from $100 to $500. Some cryptocurrency exchanges also offer high sign-up bonuses.

To qualify for these bonuses, you may need to meet specific requirements, such as linking a direct deposit, depositing a minimum amount of money, spending a certain amount within a specified timeframe, or keeping the account open for a particular duration. So, it’s essential to read the fine print carefully.

Keep in mind that opening a new bank account may impact your credit score, so if you plan to make a significant purchase, like a house, it’s better to wait until later to apply for account bonuses.

For a comprehensive list of bank and credit card bonuses, you can visit the Doctor of Credit website, which is frequently updated. Before pursuing account bonuses, though, it’s worth checking the Swagbucks portal. As we mentioned earlier, financial account offers often offer the best payouts, and you may be able to double your return by opening the account through Swagbucks.

4. Get Cash-Back From Shopping

Earn free money with just a few clicks using cashback apps or web extensions! If you shop online regularly, using a cashback portal is a no-brainer as it rewards you for purchases you’re already making.

Here are some of our favorite cashback apps and why we love them:

  • Rakuten: It’s easy to use, transparent, and reliable. Plus, they offer consistently excellent bonus rates at a wide variety of online vendors.
  • Cash App: The peer-to-peer payment app “Boosts” offer some of the best cashback deals available. Recent examples include 10% back at Whole Foods and DoorDash, 15% back at Shake Shack, and more. Just swipe your Cash App debit card or use it to pay online to take advantage of these deals.

The amount you can earn depends on how much you spend, where, and when you shop. Vendors can offer cashback rates of up to 40%, but 2% to 10% is the most common.

5. Take Online Surveys

Want to earn some extra cash during your downtime? Taking online surveys can be a simple way to make a little money while waiting at the doctor’s office or standing in line. With a survey app on your phone, you can complete surveys and offers whenever and wherever you like.

There are many websites that pay for surveys, but we’ve reviewed some of the best ones for you:

  • Survey Junkie: Our top pick for the best-dedicated survey site. Survey Junkie is an aggregator, so there are always plenty of surveys to complete.
  • Google Opinion Rewards: This app has a limited number of surveys, but it has one of the best user interfaces and offers solid pay. Learn more in our platform review.
  • Prolific: Pays the best among the three, but the surveys aren’t as frequent as the name suggests, and it takes some time to get paid.

The amount of money you can make depends on your dedication, but earning $10 to $50 per month is not impossible if you spend a few minutes per day taking surveys.

6. Use Online Rewards Sites

Tired of boring surveys for cash? Well, online rewards sites have more to offer! You can make extra money by doing tasks like watching videos, playing games, and completing offers.

But not all activities are created equal. Some pay big, like opening a new bank account or trying out a free app. Others only pay a few cents and just aren’t worth your time. So, to make the most of online rewards sites, focus on the money-makers that really count.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve reviewed:

  • Swagbucks: This site has the most ways to earn money, an easy-to-use interface, and the fastest payout among all online rewards sites.
  • InboxDollars: It offers similar offers as Swagbucks, but with a simpler and more straightforward approach.
  • MyPoints: Not only does it have a good cashback shopping portal, but it also pays you for printing and using paper coupons.

Want to learn how to hack Swagbucks and maximize your earnings? Check out our Swagbucks Hacks article for some insider tips!

7. Get Paid To Play Games

Want to earn money while playing games? Look no further than Mistplay! Developers are always looking for new players, but with so many mobile games out there, it’s tough to stand out. That’s where Mistplay comes in. It’s a platform that actually pays you to try out new games! The more you play and the better you get, the more points you earn.

And what can you do with those points? Well, you can redeem them for awesome rewards like free Amazon gift cards, Steam credit, prepaid Visa cards, and Google Play codes. The only downside is that Mistplay is currently only available for Android users (sorry, iPhone folks!).

Now, you won’t be able to quit your day job and become a gaming millionaire with Mistplay, but hey, if you’re already spending time playing games on your phone, why not earn a little extra cash while you’re at it? You could make up to $50 a month, just by doing what you love. So, why not give Mistplay a try and start turning your gaming hobby into a money-making opportunity?

8. Get Refunds For Internet Service Outages

It’s disappointing when the Wi-Fi goes out, but did you know that you might be eligible for compensation from your internet company for the downtime? The tricky part is that if you’re not online when the outage happens, you might not even realize there was a problem.

But don’t worry, that’s where Trim comes in to help!

Trim is a service that’s designed to help you save money on your bills, including internet, cable, cell phone, and utilities. One of their most effective ways of doing this is by detecting outages on your linked accounts, like cable and internet.

And if you’re like me and dislike haggling over rate increases on the phone, Trim can take care of that too! They’ll negotiate with your providers to try and get your bills reduced, so you can enjoy more savings without having to deal with the dreaded hold music.

Want to learn more about how Trim works? Check out our Trim review for all the details!

9. Do Research While Grocery Shopping

Want to earn extra money while shopping? With the Shopkick app, you can get rewards that you can redeem for gift cards, sometimes just by walking into a store!

Shopkick is all about making the in-store shopping experience more fun and rewarding. Here are some of the ways you can earn points in the app:

  • Simply entering a store (detected via GPS)
  • Scanning barcodes of promoted products
  • Buying specific items and scanning your receipts
  • Making purchases with a linked credit or debit card

And the best part? You can even earn points from the comfort of your own home by making purchases through the Shopkick online portal or watching in-app video ads, similar to Rakuten.

Curious about whether it’s worth it? Check out our detailed Shopkick review and see the latest sign-up bonus on our Shopkick referral codes page. Start earning rewards while you shop today!

10. Put Advertisements On Your Car

If you drive to work or transport your kids often, you can actually make money from it! How? By letting an advertising company put a vinyl ad, also known as a “wrap,” on your car. As long as it doesn’t damage your car’s body or paint, the vinyl can be easily removed after the advertising campaign is over. Simply log your miles in a mobile app, and you’ll get paid for them!

You can earn anywhere from $150 to $400 a month depending on how much of your car is wrapped (full, partial, or lite). However, be careful of scammers in this industry. There are legitimate companies like Wrapify, which has advertising campaigns all over the country.

To be eligible, you’ll need a 2010 vehicle or newer and must drive at least 50 miles per day. Another legitimate option is Carvertize, which operates primarily in cities like Chicago, LA, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Wilmington (Delaware). To participate with Carvertize, you’ll need a 2008 vehicle or newer and must drive 30 miles or more per day.

How To Get Free Money From The Government

Getting free cash from the government is possible, and here are some examples of how you can benefit.

If you’re a student, financial aid for school, such as scholarships and federal Pell grants, can be accessed by filling out the FAFSA. Some state governments also offer additional financial aid on top of federal scholarships. These opportunities are often better than applying for competitive private scholarships.

If your income is low or you’re going through a tough financial time, federal and state financial support can help. Depending on where you live, you may qualify for free money for food, housing, transportation, child care, health care, utilities, and even internet.

Tax refunds can be a hidden source of free money. In fact, in 2016, the IRS had $1.5 billion in unclaimed refunds. Even if you weren’t required to file, you may be entitled to a refund through refundable tax credits.

Lowering your taxes owed is like getting free money. Take advantage of tax credits for things like adopting a child, saving for retirement, and attending college to reduce your taxable income as much as possible.

How To Get Free Money: Final Thoughts

To make the most out of these methods, it’s all about stacking them up. Sure, they might require a little bit of time and effort, but the payoff is worth it. For example, you can download a data collection app and let it run in the background while you do Shopkick tasks at the store. Then, simply scan your receipts into Fetch and Ibotta. With just a few minutes of work, you’ve made money in four different ways!

Keep in mind that these free money methods may not replace a full-time income, but they can be a fun side hustle that helps you make progress towards your financial goals. It’s all about putting in some time and effort, and before you know it, you’ll see significant strides in your finances. So why not give it a try and stack up those money makers?

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