How To Get Cheap Car Insurance For a New Driver

We know that car insurance is an important subject in life. Because there is a probability to face an accident either major or minor when you drive. But it is difficult to get cheap car insurance for the new drivers. Because new drivers are general teenaged. There is a statistics report that the probability of accident rates of new drivers and teenaged drivers is very high. However, A “new driver” is he, who has no driving history or insurance record. They may be newly licensed teenagers or got their driver’s license later in life or drivers new to the USA and Canada.

These drivers face a formidable challenge when they seek out cheap car insurance. New drivers and teenaged drivers are not experienced and conscious, as a result, they have a chance to face the accident than a 45-year-old driver. That is why car insurance is comparatively expensive for new drivers.

Car insurance rates for a driver with zero driving history are given below.

Annual Car insurance rates for Teenage Male

Car insurance Company Average Annual Premium
Allstate $8,168
Farmers $8,166
GEICO $4,487
Liberty Mutual $7,088
Nationwide $3,852
Progressive $10,846
State Farm $7,322
USAA $4,056


Annual Car insurance rates without insurance history

Car insurance Company Average Annual Premium
Allstate $5,272
Farmers $4,981
GEICO $2,935
Liberty Mutual $4,518
Nationwide $2,575
Progressive $6,460
State Farm $4,468
USAA $2,566


It is really difficult to get cheap car insurance for a new driver. So if you are a new driver or teenaged driver you will have to follow some following tips to get cheap car insurance.

Ways to Get Cheapest Insurance For Young Drivers

1. Sort out one of the cheapest car insurance company for young drivers

When you buy a car firstly, car insurance may become a big factor in the buying process. You can search among the 50 different car insurance groups and select the cheapest car insurance which is affordable for you. You can see many insurance companies some times announce special discounts for some condition. You can get the discounts as much as possible to meet the condition.

There are a lot of discounts in the auto insurance world. Here some common discounts are given below. It is fact that these discounts will not cut your car insurance policy premium in half but these will be helpful for lower your insurance rate.

  • Safe driver/Good
  • Multiple policies
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Multiple drivers
  • Payment through a bank account
  • Full Payment
  • Telematics
  • Good student
  • Green vehicle discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • eSign
  • Affinity membership discount/Group participation
2. Try to be a safe driver

You can low your insurance rates by driving safely. That means you have to drive defensively, maintaining speeds and by obeying all traffic rules. Those who drive safely are less at risk. That is why insurance companies lower the insurance rates for them. So for your own safety and cheap car insurance you should drive safely.

3. Avoid car modifications

Any car modification increase premiums by hundreds of pounds. The is a probability for young drivers to modify their cars. However to get a cheap car insurance young drivers should avoid these modifications.

4. Try to add a black box policy

You can install an app or a small device named Black box policy or telematics in your car that can monitor usage and driving behaviour. This type of policy will help to reduce the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

5. Try to pay yearly not monthly

You can reduce your insurance rate by paying yearly. Because if you pay on monthly basis insurance companies claim extra charge for paper documents and official works.

6. Consider your requirement of level of cover

The most expensive type of car insurance is Comprehensive car insurance which covers both your car and other vehicles if you have an accident. On the other hand, Third-party covers the cost of repairing or replacing the other person’s car, but not your own. You can assess how long you drive and these coverages are essential for you or not.

6. Add a named driver in insurance policy

If you add an extra named driver in your insurance policy you can reduce car insurance costs.

7. Add security device

If you increase your car security features like as an alarm or immobilise you can cheap your insurance cost. These also essential for vehicle security.

8. Alleviate risk

You can also lower your insurance cost by reducing risks such as park your car in a garage or driveway.

9. Having a defensive driving course or driver training course

If you have a driving course certificate from authentic driving training centre you can get 5-15% discount.

10. Join on your parent’s policy

If you are a young driver you can join on your parent’s policy as a named driver and it is the greatest way to get the cheapest insurance. You and your parents can net a multi-car discount of up to 25 percent.

11. Try to take multi-policy discounts

Most insurance companies announce a discount offer for taking multiple insurance policies. You can take home, life and motorcycle insurance together.

12. Seek good student discounts

If you are a good student you can search for an insurance company which provides a handsome discount for a good student. But in this case, there are some conditions such as a

a) Students will be younger than 25 years of age.

b) Students will be at high school, college, or university.

c) Students will have a minimum B grade (3.0)

13. Choose the right vehicles

If you have a fancy sports vehicle you have to pay a higher insurance rate. It will be the best way for you to look for a 6 to 10 years old car that is still in excellent condition and the car must have airbags and other safety features. In this case, you will get cheap car insurance for a new driver. Because airbags reduce serious injury potentially.

Final Words

Since new drivers have no experience or low experience so insurance companies seem that there is a possibility of new drivers to have accidents. That is why insurance companies determine their insurance rate as high for young drivers. But young drivers can get cheap car insurance by following above mention tips.

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