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How to Choose the Right Insurance Agent | Find Best Insurance Agent 2024

Finding the right insurance agent is a big deal for your money’s safety. An insurance agent helps you protect what’s important to you. But, figuring out how to choose an insurance agent can be tricky with so many choices around. This easy guide will show you how to choose an insurance agent, making it simple to find the one who’s just right for you.

Choosing the right agent can be confusing. Often, people aren’t sure what qualities to look for in a good insurance agent. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Mainly, there are a few important traits you should consider.

Here, we’ll give you 7 handy tips to guide you in picking your next agent.

7 easy steps to choose insurance agent

Feel Good About Your Agent?

It’s important to actually like your agent. If you can’t get along or simply don’t feel a connection, it’s unlikely to work out. Buying insurance is a big deal, often involving complex deals and multiple policies. You need someone you’re comfortable talking to, as you’ll be sharing personal information about your family and finances.

It’s okay if the first agent you meet isn’t a match. Luckily, most reputable insurance companies have several agents in your area. You’re not stuck. You can usually check the insurance company’s website, find agents near you by entering your zip code, and start meeting the ones you find appealing.

Independent vs. Captive Agents: Know the Difference

Understanding whether an agent is independent or captive is key. Independent agents are not bound to one insurance company. They can look around to get you the best deals from various insurers like The Hartford, Geico, or State Farm. On the other hand, captive agents, also known as direct agents, represent one specific company and can only offer you their policies and rates.

Another route is choosing an insurance broker, who works like an independent agent but is dedicated to serving you, the customer. Brokers might charge a fee for their services, often about 15% of the policy’s cost, but they aim to find the best fit for your needs.

Check Their Qualifications and Background

Make sure your insurance agent is properly qualified. Do they have a Certificate in General Insurance? Look for agents with higher qualifications too, like Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Claims (AIC), or Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), among others. These credentials show a deeper level of expertise.

Beyond their qualifications, research their professional history. This can usually be done through organizations like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Better Business Bureau, or your state’s insurance department.

Seek Feedback from Former Clients

An agent’s credentials only go so far; what really matters is how they serve their clients. When choosing an insurance agent, it’s a good idea to ask for reviews or feedback from their past clients. Are they easy to work with? Do they patiently explain and compare different insurance options?

Question their reliability and the quality of their service. By doing this, you ensure that the agent you choose prioritizes your interests over just making a sale for the insurance company.

Can You Get a Referral?

Reach out to other small business owners, relatives, and friends in your area. Have they worked with an insurance agent or broker they’d recommend? Are there professionals known for their expertise in your specific industry?

Getting a referral from a trusted source can be an excellent way to find a reliable insurance agent who understands your needs.

Ask for a quote

Always ask for a quote before committing to an insurance agent. This step will show you how well they explain insurance details and their efficiency in providing the information.

A delayed response from the agent should be seen as a warning sign. Quality agents make it a priority to provide timely and clear information to their clients.

Paying attention to these small but crucial details is vital in choosing the right insurance agent. If they falter on these basics, it’s wise to consider other options and refine your search further.

Know Their Represented Companies

If you’re considering a captive agent, you’re probably familiar with their insurance company from advertisements. However, top independent agents are often linked with well-known insurers like Mercury Insurance, Travelers, The Hartford, or Progressive.

If the insurance companies represented by an agent aren’t immediately recognizable to you, it’s important to ask about these companies’ financial health and reputation. Checking the insurer’s ratings on platforms like AM Best or JD Powers can offer insight into their standing.


Choose an insurance agent might initially appear overwhelming, but with a strategic approach, you can sidestep the usual stress involved. These pointers should equip you with a clear understanding of what to seek in an insurance agent, ensuring you secure the necessary coverage with ease.



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