Dodo car insurance

Car insurance is very much necessary in Australia but it is expensive.
It may be affordable by selecting an appropriate insurance company. There are a lot of insurance companies in Australia. Among them ANZ Car Insurance, Allianz Car Insurance, Dodo car insurance, Beep Car Insurance, Bingle Car Insurance, Buzz Car Insurance, Coles Car Insurance, RAA Insurance Limited, Virgin Money Car Insurance are notable.

Dodo car insurance review :

The Dodo Group established Dodo Insurance Pty Ltd, Dodo Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, Dodo Group Services Pty Ltd, M2 Energy Pty Ltd, etc. Dodo Insurance Pty Ltd. contains home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, etc. It also provides roadside assistance.
In the Australian market, dodo car insurance is a discount insurance company. Here step by step of purchasing insurance in dodo car insurance has been interpreted.

dodo car insurance

Product Disclosure Statement?

Before choosing a policy, you can take assist from Product Disclosure Statement to make an informed decision about Dodo insurance product. It consists of two parts. Before making a final decision to a plan, you should read this Product Disclosure Statement.
Part 1: It contains the general terms and conditions of all our policies
Part 2: It provides specific details about the product option that you selected

If You Already Purchased any Policy:

After taking a policy, Insurance authority will provide the following things


You are suggested to read the documents carefully; then you must keep them in a safe place for future reference.

Dodo car insurance Agreement:

Under this agreement to return for you meeting your obligations, Dodo car insurance will give you the protection described in this policy, which occur during the period of insurance shown on your Insurance Certificate.

Disclosure duty: 
Before the insurance contract, you will have a duty of disclosure under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984.

For the first time to take insurance plan what you must tell the Dodo insurance authority-

If Dodo insurance authority asks you questions that are relevant to their decision to insure you and on what terms, you must answer them everything Which you know. In the circumstances, a reasonable person would include in answering the questions. You must have this duty until they agree to insure you.

When will you renew, extend, vary or reinstate your insurance:

The authority will provide you with all the documentation that you have told them previously. If you seem that it has changed, you must tell them about any change or say that there is no change. If you do not tell them about a change to something you have previously told them, you will be taken to have told them that there is no change. You have this duty until they agree to renew the contract.

If you do not contact with the authority of Dodo insurance:
You should consult the authority because the authority may cancel your contract or reduce the amount they will pay you if you make a claim or both.

If you do not tell the Dodo insurance authority:

If you do not tell the authority anything you are required to tell them, The authority may cancel your contract or reduce the amount they will pay you if you make a claim or both.

Period of Cooling-off :

You will get 21 days from the purchase date for cancellation this policy, and you will get a full refund of what you have paid.

The car using permission:

If you do not declare the purpose of using your vehicle to Dodo car insurance authority, you will have no cover. The following categories are permitted to use, which is selected by the customer. The selection will be displayed on your Insurance Certificate.

Private Use:

In this category, you can use your car only for domestic, social and amusement purposes. You can also travel between home and a regular place of work.

Private and Business use:

In this category, a car can be used for your business or occupation by any driver listed on the current Insurance Certificate along with “Private and Commuting” use above.

Use that is never covered:

  • Driving tuition for payment.
  • Carry other people’s goods or passengers for payment
  • Hire the car by other people

Use that is always covered:

  • Free tuition of a driver who is not otherwise excluded on the Insurance Certificate.
  • Voluntary home or community service and private car sharing provided that no profit is made from such use.

Types of Cover of Dodo car insurance:

According to the Insurance Certificate of Dodo car insurance, there are three types of cover.

1. Comprehensive

It covers the liability of the customer for property damage of other people caused by the car, plus cover for the car up to the value you insure it for.

2. Third Party Property

It covers only that liability of the customer for damage of other people’s property caused by the car, plus a limited amount of cover for the car if damaged in a no-fault accident with an uninsured vehicle.

3. Third Party Fire and Theft

It covers the same as above mentioned “Third Party Property”, along with damage or loss to the car only if catches fire or it is stolen. It does not cover damage caused by attempted theft of the vehicle or items being stolen from the car.

The Cost of Insurance:

The price of dodo car insurance is at their sole and unrestricted discretion. It will base on the profile of the risk to be covered, and any other factors dodo car insurance may choose.
Different factors like car type, the age of the driver, how it is used, where it is kept, how secure it is, the history of previous insurance, incidents and offenses and infringements for both you and other drivers may affect your risk profile.
Other factors such as profitability, intermediary commission and any relevant compulsory government charges, taxes or levies that relate to your policy may affect the price you pay.
You may pay annually or monthly or quarterly. In the case of installment payment, your premium may be higher, and fees will apply.
The authority of dodo car insurance will tell you both the total annual and installment amounts so that you can know the difference.

Dodo car insurance contact:

  • Getting a quote : 1800 091 144 (MON – FRI 8AM – 8PM EST & SAT 8AM – 5PM EST )
  •  Adding or updating policies: 1300 858 747 (MON – FRI 8AM – 8PM EST & SAT 8AM – 2PM EST)
  •  Making a claim: 1300 885 996 (MON – FRI 8AM – 7PM EST & SAT 8AM – 2PM EST )
  •  Customer Service: 13 dodo (13 36 36) 10 am to 7 pm AEST (Monday to Friday)

Dodo car insurance is a valuable and faithful insurance company which is essential because it covers your expenses in the event of vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

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