Dodo car insurance review

Dodo Insurance Pty Ltd, Dodo Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, M2 Energy Pty Ltd, Dodo Services Pty Ltd, Dodo Group Services Pty Ltd constructed by the Dodo Group. Dodo Insurance is part of Dodo group which is providing several services to Australian people. Dodo Insurance group is popular in the market because it is a high-value provider with a low-cost of essential services including car, home and contents and electricity and gas insurance. Dodo ensures to protect the privacy and personal information of its customers. Dodo car insurance is popular in Australia. You will understand the dodo car insurance procedure from the dodo car insurance review.

Dodo car insurance review

Maximum interested people want to know, what does Dodo car insurance policy will cover. Here some important things of Dodo car insurance are produced which are included in a regular policy.

    • The cost of a hire car when yours is stolen
    • Emergency repairs without assessment (up to a certain amount)
    • A new car if yours is written off (age and condition requirements apply)
    • Cover for your personal property if damaged or stolen
    • Emergency travel and accommodation expenses
    • Cost of replacement keys
    • Damage to your windscreen
    • Accidental death of driver
  • Replacement cost of baby seats

dodo car insurance review


It is equally important to know what your policy covers and what it doesn’t. In that way, you will not be interrupted by a shock bill that you expected your insurance to pay.
Generally, car insurance does not cover normal wear and tear or aging. Besides this, some other things like rental car liability and damage to commercial signage are not covered by your Dodo car insurance.

Non-mandatory additions

According to your need, you can customise your policy by adding some things to your Dodo car insurance policy. These additional covers

    • Modifications made to your vehicle
    • Cost of a rental car after accident
  • Roadside assistance

How will you apply to Dodo car insurance?

At first, you will have to compare the available policies and choose the right one for your needs. It is recommended to choose Comprehensive car insurance for newer or more valuable cars, exotics, classics, antiques, modified vehicles and anything else that may need extra protection. And third party fire and theft, dodo car insurance company provides a much more basic level of protection better suited for less valuable and older cars, or ones that you plan on selling or trading in at some point. At first, you have to choose a policy which meets your needs then read over the product disclosure statement. If everything is in order then just get a quote. If you have to sign up online, you can get 25% off your car insurance and a free Android tablet.

How much cost of Dodo car insurance:

Dodo car insurance quote will be affected by following different things
Basically, the premium is the cost of insurance. It reflects how likely it is you will make a claim – the less you’ll pay, the safer your car. Your premium might be affected by following different things:

  • What type of care you drive- Model, make, age and even colour ( White colour is safer and cheaper)
  • How often you drive
  • Why your car is used
  • Where do you park your car (in a garage is safer than on the street)


Your cost of insurance may be brought down by getting a hold of a few great discounts. You can get following different discounts on Dodo car insurance.

No claims discount: if you fall in an accident and that’s not your fault, in this case, this discount won’t be affected. if you fall in an accident and that’s not your fault, in this case, this discount won’t be affected.

Online discount: You can get a discount by buying your policy through online.

Restricted driver discount:  You can get a discount on your premium by restricting the age of who is covered to drive your car if one of nominated age is driving your car.

You can choose either high or low excess in Dodo car insurance.

How do you pay your premium?

Receive your policy with Dodo car insurance, you can get two options for payment of your premium. You can pay either all together in one lump annual sum or in monthly instalments. But it should be kept in mind that these options will cost extra.

How is Dodo rated by customers?

Here some of the need-to-know details about Dodo car insurance have been covered, but other important factors like customer service like trust and convenience. It is fact that maximum Dodo customers say well about their policy, which is illustrated in dodo car insurance review section for customer.

Dodo car insurance claim:

I expect you will never be in a situation when you need to make a claim to Dodo car insurance. So the subject of claim has been included in Dodo car insurance review. But if you fall a situation you should apply the following information to Dodo car insurance:

    1.  Your Dodo policy number
    1.  Details of the accident
    1. Details of all other cars involved
  1. Contact details for any other drivers involved

Comprehensive Dodo Car Insurance Review:

Comprehensive Dodo Car Insurance provides coverage for your car and vehicles of other people and permits you to choose options such as market or agreed value, variable excess, windscreen excess reduction, accident hire car benefit, restricted driver discounts and maximum no-claim discount protection.
If you take Comprehensive Dodo Car Insurance policy, you can get following coverage

    1.  If your car is unsafe to drive as a result of damage, you can get the fair cost of recovery, dragging and storage.
    1. Accidental damage to your vehicle up to the maximum amount in the policy
    1. Damage to your trailer involved in a collision up to the maximum amount
    1.  Damage to personal effects in the vehicle at the time of the accident up to the maximum amount shown in the policy
    1. New car replacement within the time specified in the policy plus 12 months registration and CTP insurance
    1.  Up to $20 million legal liability for damage to other people’s assets, including legal costs.
  1. Emergency transport and accommodation if required up to the maximum amount

Lots of car insurance companies are available in the world. Every insurance company has lots of offers. So before selecting your insurance policy, you should attentively read Dodo car insurance review.

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