Cheapest motorcycle insurance Australia

Motorcycle insurance is very much essential for the riders because riders can enjoy their time out on the open road, even more, when they are not worried about the safety of themselves, their investment or their passengers. Everybody wants to get the cheapest motorcycle insurance quote.  Now, you can get cheapest motorcycle insurance Australia  Through insurance, riders can get benefits in following situations

  1. If riders are in an accident or their bikes are stolen, it is costly to repair or replace it.
  2. If a driver or a passenger fall in the accident, the medical cost may be expensive.
  3. If the motorcycle is responsible for damage or wounds to others and riders may be sued for more than worth.
cheapest motorcycle insurance australia

Cheapest motorcycle insurance consideration

You can get cheapest motorcycle insurance by following tips:

1.Choose a smaller, less expensive bike or older

If your Motorbike has a less powerful engine, you can get reduced your insurance premium. Besides this motorcycle insurance may be cheapest for older, less expensive motorbike. Because in this case repair and replacement costs tend to be lower.

2. Try to avoid modified and unusual motorbikes

If your motorbike has a lot of modifications, your price of premium may be improved.

Because insurance authority seems that modified motorcycles are more expensive to replace or repair, and more attractive to thieves.

3. Try to limit your mileage

If you control your mileage, you can get a discount from your insurance company. In this case, insurance company seems that you may be in relatively less of a risk because you do not ride on the road as much.

4.Try to pay annually

If you pay your insurance in full of the annual total while you take the policy, you can get a discount compared to monthly instalments.

5. Try to Improve your motorbike’s security

If you have enough security protection on your motorcycle, you may get a discount on your premium. For example, if your bike has Thatcham-approved electronic alarm and immobilizer, it may help to positive impact on your premium.

6. Your motorcycle should be parked in a secure area:

If your motorbike is kept in a garage overnight with locked or is stored off the road on a driveway, in this situation will help to reduce the cost of your policy.

7. Consider who rides your bike:

The price of insurance may be affected by who is insured to ride your motorbike. If you are young, fresh, unpractised, your policy may be increased. But in the case of older or more experienced rider, the premium may be less.

8.Pay according to your need:

At first, choose your level of cover, leave out the optional extras from your policy and don’t pay for more than you need. For example, legal assistance may not be essential for the rider; you can make less your premium by excluding it from your policy.

9.Use of Motorbike:

Your motorbike insurance may be affected by the use of your motorbike. For example, if you use your bike for everyday activities such as shopping or meeting with friends or go on social trips.

10. Promote your no claims bonus discount

The insurer usually rewards to the riders with a lower premium, who are claim free for some years.

11.Participate a motorbike training course:

You can get convenience at the price of your insurance by improving your riding skill through participating motorbike training course.

12. Improve your voluntary excess:

You can get a lower insurance quote by agreeing to pay a higher voluntary excess.

13. Shop around for the right motorbike quote

Without any justification, you should not renew your existing motorbike insurance.  Try to find a policy that suits your needs at the cheapest price.

Motorbike insurance comparison in Australia:

There are many insurance companies in Australia. Some cheapest insurance companies are:

Youi motorcycle insurance:

Youi is the cheapest motorcycle insurance company in Australia. Youi was founded in November 2008 in Queensland. According to their advertisement, almost 91% customers have satisfaction on this company. They have three types of motorcycle insurance, such as:

1. Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance:


  • Accidental and intentional damage cover
  • Legal liability cover up to $20 million
  • Storm and flood cover
  • Lock and key replacement
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

2.Third Party Fire & Theft Motorcycle Insurance:


  • Fire, theft and earthquake damage cover
  • Legal liability cover up to $20 million
  • Lock and key replacement
  • Third Party Property Only Motorcycle Insurance:
  • Legal liability cover up to $20 million
  • Immediate replacement motorcycle
  • Maritime liability cover up to $10,000

Swann motorcycle insurance:

Swann Insurance is one of the leading motorcycle insurance companies in Australia and provides cover for more than 750,000 customers.

Swann Motorcycle Insurance offers four different types of cover: (i) Comprehensive (ii) Third party fire and theft (iii) Third party liability (iv) Dirt bike cover

1.Comprehensive Insurance:

This policy covers a wide range of risks including accident, theft, fire,  and third party liability.

2.Third party fire and theft:

It covers if your motorcycle is damaged or destroyed by fire or theft.

Third party liability:

This policy covers only the situation when you have legal liability for damage to someone else’s property

Dirt bike cover:

This policy covers only for recreational dirt bike against accidental damage, fire and theft.

NRMA Motorcycle policies:

NRMA Insurance is backed by Insurance Australia Group (IAG). It also offers motorcycle and scooter insurance policies in a wide range to deliver a high financial security when your bike is damaged or stolen or when you cause vehicle or property damage to a third party. It also the cheapest motorcycle insurance company in Florida.

NRMA offers the following policies:

1. Comprehensive Motorcycle or Scooter Insurance:

It covers:

  • Replacement of new motorcycle or scooter for bikes less than two years old
  • Cover for loss or damage caused by accidental damage, explosion, storm flood, fire, theft, attempted theft, vandalism and more
  • $20 million legal liability cover
  • Agreed or market value cover
  • Up to $2,000 cover for personal items Emergency repairs, and protective clothing
  • Tools of trade cover up to $1,500
  • Hire car after theft or attempted theft

2.Third Party Property Motorcycle or Scooter Damage Insurance:

It covers:

  • $5,000 cover if you have a crash with an uninsured at-fault motorist
  • $20 million legal liability cover
  • Temporary cover if you sell your motorcycle or replace it with another
  • Towing costs after an accident with an uninsured at-fault motorist

3.Veteran, Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Insurance:

It covers:

  • Up to $3,000 cover for personal items  and protective clothing
  • Up to $3,000 cover for protective clothing and personal items
  • $20 million legal liability cover
  • For more than 15 years old bikes and that meet other special conditions
  • Agreed value cover
  • Cover for loss of accidental damage, storm flood, explosion,  fire, attempted theft, theft, vandalism and more
  • Towing costs
  • Cover for emergency repairs and storage costs

Shannons motorbike insurance:

Shannons offers cheapest motorcycle insurance policy designed to meet your unique coverage needs. It provides two types of protection, such as Comprehensive Bike Insurance and Third Party Legal Liability. Shannons insure every kind of motorcycle from sports bikes to naked bikes. It provides a range of discounts to lower the cost of cover and a lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs.

1.Comprehensive Bike Insurance:

  • New-bike replacement for motorcycles less than one-year-old
  • Cover for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia
  • If your vehicle is a total loss, agreed value cover
  • Lifetime guarantee for all approved repairs
  • Riding gear cover up to $3,000
  • Cover for legal modifications
  • Legal liability cover up to $20 million
  • lower-usage rates for irregular use of motorcycle
  • Have option of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly premiums
  • Windscreen or window glass claim for One excess-free
  • Up to 65% for No-claim discount
  • Cover for emergency expenses for selected issues

2.Third Party Legal Liability Only:

  • Legal liability cover up to $20 million
  • If any claim is made against you, it Cover for your legal costs
  • Cover for defensive driving courses
  • Have option of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly premiums

Lack of insurance knowledge Motorcycle riders purchase insurance premium in high price. From this post “cheapest motorcycle insurance Australia” Motorcycle riders, especially in Australia can easily get cheapest motorcycle insurance.

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