15 Auto insurance companies in Ontario

Car insurance is very much important for the drivers and car owner because it provides financial protection when your vehicle falls in an accident. Moreover, it provides coverage for the wound of other drivers, passengers even wayfarers with their property.  Additionally, car insurance gives financial compensation if your car is destroyed by fire or stolen or vandalised. Besides this, every country has a law of having auto insurance. Read more to know Auto insurance companies in Ontario.

Auto insurance in Ontario

In Ontario, You must have minimum car insurance. But you can increase protection for you and your car by buying additional coverage. Increased coverage will protect from different type accidents such as fire, theft, vandalism. It is very much essential that your car insurance policy will have consented with the minimum car insurance rules per the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). FSCO supervises the Ontario insurance industry.

Even more in Ontario, you may bear the cost if you drive without insurance. You will have to pay fine if you getting caught driving without proper insurance coverage. You may have to count up to $50,000 as fine and additionally, you may get a one-year suspension of your driver’s license. So if you live in Ontario you should feel the importance of auto insurance in Ontario. There are four types of car insurance coverage in Ontario. That includes

  1. Third party liability insurance
  2. Accident benefits insurance
  3. Uninsured automobile insurance
  4. Direct compensation – property damage insurance

1.Third-Party Liability Coverage:

If another person is killed or hurt or property damaged by your car accident, this type of insurance covers you. According to FSCO rules, all Ontario drivers must carry at least $200,000 in third party liability coverage.

2. Accident Benefits Coverage:

Under this coverage, if you are wounded, you may get medical care, attendant care, rehabilitation, and 70 per cent of your income up to $400 each week.

3.Uninsured Automobile Insurance:

According to Ontario insurance law, You must have uninsured automobile insurance. Under this coverage, you will get financial compensation if you are wounded by an uninsured motorist. This type of insurance also covers financial benefits to families who are suffering by losing a loved one in an accident caused by an uninsured automobile.

4. Direct Compensation:

It is also called Property Damage (DC-PD) Insurance. DC-PD insurance will provide compensation for the damage to your vehicle if another motorist causes your accident.

List of auto insurance companies in Ontario:

There are a lot of auto insurance companies in Ontario. Here some authentic and popular Auto insurance companies in Ontario are given below.

1. Aviva Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Guarantee of  New Car
  2. Vehicle Replacement temporarily
  3. Accident Forgiveness
  4. Conviction Protector
  5. Assistance at Roadside
  6. Disappearing Deductible

2. Travelers Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Benefits according to Accident
  2. Liability
  3. Comprehensive Protection
  4. Loss Of Use
  5. Uninsured motorist
  6. Collision

3. Intact Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Protection in all perils
  2. Collision and Upset coverage
  3. Guarantee for responsible driver
  4. Coverage against perils other than collision or upset
  5. Specified Perils coverage
  6. Uber Ridesharing coverage
  7. Minor conviction protection
  8. Turo car sharing coverage

4. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Good driving discounts
  2. Discount for multi-vehicle
  3. Discount for length of driving history
  4. Combined policies loyalty discount
  5. Discount for being ticket-free

5. Pafco Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Accidental Benefits
  2. Uninsured Automobile
  3. Independent Broker model
  4. Specialized auto insurance coverage
  5. Physical Damage to the Vehicle
  6. Community support
  7. Competitive pricing
  8. 24/7 Claims
  9. Third Party Liability

6. AIG Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Insurance for critical Illness
  2. Day Care Insurance
  3. Amateur Sports Accident Insurance
  4. Truckers Accident Insurance
  5. Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  6. Attaché Business Travel Insurance
  7. Travel Protector
  8. Camp Accident Insurance
  9. Student Accident Insurance
  10. Insurance for Entertainment and Hospitality
  11. Insurance for Faith-Based Organizations
  12. Hospital Cash Insurance
  13. Insurance for Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations
  14. Out-of-Country Medical insurance
  15. Personal Accident Insurance

7. SGI Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Accident forgiveness
  2. Comprehensive
  3. Collision or upset
  4. Increased accident benefits
  5. All perils
  6. Increased liability limits
  7. Non-owned automobiles
  8. Loss of use coverage
  9. New vehicle waiver of depreciation coverage

8.Economical Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Good driving discounts
  2. Antiques and high-value vehicles
  3. Car insurance and other vehicles like vans and trucks
  4. Antiques and high-value vehicles
  5. ATVs and snowmobiles
  6. Loyalty discount
  7. Motorcycles and mopeds
  8. Camper, trailer or RV
  9. Length of driving history discount
  10. Security discount

9. Pembridge Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Discount for Multi-vehicle
  2. Discount for Education
  3. Retiree Discount
  4. Renewal Discount
  5. Multi-line Discount
  6. Mature Driver
  7. Discount for home Security

10. Unica Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Trailers
  2. Private passenger vehicles
  3. Collector cars
  4. Motorhomes and RVs

11. Coachman Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Wide selection of insurance products
  2. specialized in non-standard auto insurance coverage
  3. Small business coverage
  4. Discount programs

12. Jevco Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Non-standard Auto Insurance Specialized
  2. Insurance for High Risk Drivers
  3. Part of Intact Financial Corporation (IFC)
  4. 24/7 Claims Assistance

13. Echelon Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Lower premiums
  2. Insurance for high risk drivers
  3. 24/7 insurance claims service
  4. All types of vehicles insurance

14. Perth Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Competitive Rates
  2. Excellent Claims Services Through Economical
  3. Seamless transfer to Perth
  4. Monthly Payment Plans

15.Chieftain Auto Insurance

Special Features:

  1. Direct compensation
  2. Waiver of depreciation
  3. Accidental benefits
  4. $2 million liability coverage
  5. Family protection coverage
  6. All perils
  7. Uninsured automobile
  8. Liability for damage to non-owned vehicle

How to get cheap motorcycle insurance Ontario

Ontario Car Insurance is expensive. Sometimes insurance cost may not be affordable for all. Everybody wants to get the cheapest Motorcycle insurance. You have to follow some tips to get cheapest car insurance in Ontario.

Compare the insurance rates

You should visit all insurance offices or their website and verify their insurance rates before selecting the insurance company. In addition, you should notice how much their discounts and other facilities.

Change Your Policy

You should omit unnecessary coverage, such as

  • Collision Coverage- If your car is older, Collision Coverage is not necessary for you.
  • Minimal Coverage: You should pay according to Ontario insurance rates but nothing more.
  • Increase Your Deductible: If you increase the deductible your premiums/rates will become lower.

You can save money by buying insurance coverage bundle. If your family have more than one car you can save money by buying insurance for those cars together. Beside this, some insurance companies announce a discount for car and home insurance bundle

Monthly Payment vs Annual Payment

If you pay your insurance instalment yearly you can save little bit money than monthly instalment.

Try to update Your Record

Always you should update your different records such as Clean driving Record, accidents and your driving license.

Try to adopt technology and get discounts

Different car insurance companies announce discounts for adopting different technologies. For example, if you use winter tires, Anti-Theft Device, Dashboard Cameras etc you can get discounts.

Best 10 car insurance companies in Ontario

In Ontario, competition and choices of car insurance are different. Compare to other provinces car insurance rates is much higher in Ontario. Here a list of 10 best car insurance companies in Ontario is given below.

1.  Intact Financial Corporation

  • 24 hours claims support
  • 20% off for hybrid car
  • 25% off for having a telematics device
  • 15% off for Bundle car and home insurance

2. TD Insurance

  • Great coverage at affordable rates
  • Discounts for bundling car and home insurance
  • Discounts for driving an electric or hybrid car
  • Discounts for having an anti-theft system
  • Discounts for  multi-vehicle insurance

3. Aviva Canada

  • Provide affordable auto insurance coverage
  • Competitive prices for add-on features
  • Have a claims satisfaction guarantee with a 24/7 support
  • 15% discount for combining insurance policies.

4.  State Farm Mutual

  • 25% discount for having a telematics device
  • Up to 15% discount for multi-vehicle insurance
  • Up to 5% multi-line discount
  • Their financial reliability is very strong

5.  Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

  • Have a fair and quick claims procedure
  • Available of broad coverage options
  • Flexible payment choices
  • Discounts for bundle insurance
  • Discounts for a clean claims record
  • Discounts  for multi-car insurance

6.  RSA Canada Group

  • Affordable auto insurance coverage
  • Have more than 17 million customers
  • Having offer a lifetime repair guarantee and claims protection
  • 24 hours claims support

7.  Co-operators Insurance

Have more than a million customers in Canada

  • 5% initial saving
  • Up to 25% saving for having telematics
  • Community roots are very strong
  • Providing almost 300 credit ions with more than 5.5 million members
  • Have more than 4650 staff and 2650 insurance representative in Canada
  • 1.2 million vehicles insurance
  • Assets worth $39.9 billion

8. Desjardins General

  • 3rd largest insurance company in Canada
  • 6000 employees provide services for more than 2 million customers across Canada
  • Have 96% claims satisfaction rates
  • Additional discount for parking vehicle in own garage or private driveway
  • Up to 10% discounts for full-time students
  • Up to 25% discounts for using telematics
  • Special discounts for having anti-theft systems, winter tires and hybrid vehicles

9.  Economical Insurance Group

  • Affordable insurance rates
  • Have 93% claims satisfaction rates
  • Provide coverage for all vehicle types

10.  RBC Insurance

  • Having 24/7 claim support
  • User-friendly website
  • Up to 5% save for an online quote
  • Up to 12% discounts for getting bundle policies
  • Up to15% discount for Multi-car insurance
  • Additional money-saving by installing an anti-theft system

Ontario is a busy and expensive province. Here insurance rate comparatively expensive. Moreover, there is an obligation of having car insurance in Ontario. However, insurance is necessary for personal safety and salvage of compensation. You can get cheap car insurance by verifying the insurance policies from the list of auto insurance companies in Ontario.


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