Average Motorcycle Insurance Cost For 21 Year Old

Motorcycle insurance is required in every state of the United States. Even motorcycle insurance cost for 21 years old is compulsory. Motorcycle insurance cost varies depending on the state you reside in, which company you choose, your driving record, your age, your gender, type of motorcycle you ride.

But average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old in the USA is is $450 per year or about $38 per month. This price may be more or less depending on the state, age, driving record, gender etc.

Average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old by city

Motorcycle insurance cost largely depends largely on the rider’s living place. Chicago is the cheapest city, where motorcycle insurance rates are 36% less than in New York City. Here average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old of some states are given below.

States Monthly insurance rate Annual Insurance Rate
California $55 $665
Florida $57 $689
New York $45 $537
Texas $62 $749
Washington $41 $488
New Jersey $48 $573
Michigan $62 $746
Hawaii $38 $458
Ohio $38 $457
U.S. Average $43 $519



Average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old by gender

Gender also affects the average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old. Young motorcycle female riders are to pay slightly more than young male. For example, 21 year old male pays $448 per year and 21-year-old female pays $452 per year for the same policy.

In New York and Chicago, motorcycle insurance cost for female riders is 4% higher than male riders. Here average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old male and female for some states are given below.

States 21 year old Male 21 year old Female
Chicago $355 $358
Los Angeles $454 $431
New York $537 $567
U.S. Average $448 $452


12 Factors affecting Average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 year old

When motorcycle insurance rates are set, Insurance companies consider many factors. Such as riders age, residing place of riders, type of bike. etc. These are the factors that can affect the average motorcycle insurance cost for 21 years old.

Here some basics and important issues are discussed so that you can find the best policy on motorcycle insurance for your 21-year-old motorcycle rider with cheap price.

1. Age:

21 years old riders are young and generally, younger riders are to pay more for motorcycle insurance because there is a probability of their involvement in motorcycle accidents.

According to the law of insurance, a male rider the age of less than 25 years old will have to pay more for motorcycle insurance than any other more aged riders.

2. Living place or state of riders:

Motorcycle insurance rates may also vary from one state to another. Some states where vehicle accidents probability is very high. Vehicle accidents, motorcycle insurance rates are higher in those states. Motorcycle insurance cost of some states is as much as $300 or more on an annual basis.

At first, you have to determine the states where motorcycle insurance rates are low. But if you are not of those states you should find discounts to reduce your rates.

3. Model of Motorcycle

There are different model of motorcycles in the market. If you ride a newer sport bike with a large engine you will pay more money for insurance. But insurance cost is comparatively low for motorcycle with a small engine.

4. Modifications, conversions and customization of Motorcycle:

If you convert your vehicle’s trike or modify or customize, your insurance cost may be higher.

5. Riding experience

In general, your insurance rate will be decreased as you get old older until you reach your 70s. If you have an experience of motorcycle riding your insurance rate may be lower. But if you are not an experienced of riding you may pay a higher rate.

6. Accident and claim history

Motorcycle accident and claim history in the insurance company will negatively affect your insurance price. For example, If you have previous record of a motorcycle accident or claims your motorcycle insurance rates will be higher.

7. Adding security and safety features and programs:

If you install radio or GPS theft-recovery system or anti-lock braking system (ABS) in motorcycle professionally you may get a special discount. Beside this, you may get more discount if you take a safety course.

8. The profession of Riders:

If rider has a stable and safe job, the insurance company consider it lower risk and that is why insurance premium is lower. But high-risk professional riders will have to pay a higher premium.

9. Higher Deductible:

Higher Deductible is an important factor that reduces monthly premiums. A higher deductible means more of an out of pocket expense in case the insurance is needed, as a result the monthly premiums are lower.

10. Bundling of insurance policies :

If you take home, motorcycle or other types of insurance as bundling from the same provider you may save money. Every company provides a discount for bundling insurance. So bring all the essential things under insurance for the cheapest your insurance.

11. Seasonal based insurance

Generally, maximum riders ride motorcycles in the warm months of late spring, summer and early fall, so they can save money from insurance cost by applying for seasonal insurance.

Seasonal insurance means covering six months out of the year and its cost maybe half the amount of standard insurance policies.

12. Discount Options

Discount Options is another important factor that positively affects on average motorcycle insurance cost. Motorcycle insurance companies often announce discounts for the riders. So by completing a good motorcycle education course and learn asap everything on the safety of motorcycles.

Since 20 years of age is a young age, at this age boys and girls are a bit indiscipline, they have no experience of motorcycle riding and there is a trend of them to ride risky.

As a result, the average motorcycle insurance cost for 21-year-old is comparatively higher than more age riders. But you can reduce your insurance cost following some above mention tips.

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